Critical Infrastructure Protected at Latvian Air Traffic Control

Electric load on all new buildings is rising, thus fire risk is increasing in prominence. Exponential growth in demand of electrical and control cabinet fire protection market has followed.

N2 GLOBAL just installed non-pressurized nitrogen fire suppression system in “Latvijas Gaisa Satiksme” – Latvia Air Traffic Control. Supevision and management of airspace of the country demands fully uninterrupted power supply and zero service downtime. N2 GLOBAL product has been installed as a pilot project to protect electrical infrastructure of Air Traffic Control to defend against interruptions and downtime. Capability to extinguish fire of any type or size within 5 seconds from fire risk detected in case of N2 GLOBAL products allows seamless operation and no loss in time, equipment, safety and value.

Ensuing test operation in existing Latvia Air Traffic Control premises will open the opportunity for future cooperation.

N2 GLOBAL is proud of the trust invested into its clean agent fire suppression product line, by business community and governmental institutions, alike.