N2 Global Ltd. has passed the certification of the product type and production quality assessment in accordance with Directive 2013/29

The company has received CerTrust EU-type Examination certificates for gas generators, confirming that all types of N2 Global generators are of the highest technical design and production process standards.

Module B examination on technical design

EU-type examination is the part of a conformity assessment procedure in which notified body has examined the technical design of N2G generators, verified and attested that it meet the requirements of Directive 2013/29.

EU-type examination is carried out as an assessment of the adequacy of technical design of the N2 Global generators. It is done through examination of technical documentation and supporting evidence, plus examination of a specimen of the complete product (combination of production type and design type).

Module D examination on quality of the production process

Conformity of the production process is a part of an assessment procedure by which the company fulfilled the obligations, ensured and declared that N2G generators are in conformity with the type described in the EU-type examination certificate and satisfied the requirements of Directive 2013/29 that apply to them. It means that N2 Global operate an approved quality system for production, final product inspection and testing.

“CerTrust is an organization registered by European Commission with a large experience in conformity testing of explosive materials and fire safety systems. We are proud that the experts have recognized the designing and production stages of our generators as meeting the respective standards,” says Mikelis Lapse, CEO of N2Global.

*CerTrust performed the EU-Type Examination according to module B of Directive 2013/29/EU and issued the certificate: PB 002532 001. This product type certificate is valid without an end date.

*CerTrust performed the assessment of conformity to type based on quality assurance of the production  process according to module D of Directive 2013/29/EU and issued the certificate: PD 002911 001. This certificate is valid for one year with an option to extend the due date up to 2 years.


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