N2 Global Nitrogen Generators take care of fire safety at Grant Thornton

In April 2021 N2 Global and Securitas have implemented a joint fire protection project at Grant Thornton, where data storage/server room were equipped with N2G nitrogen generators.

Butterfly type over-pressure valves were embedded into data room’s ceiling providing unified system with the N2G Type generators, maintaining forced ventilation of the room, that is automatically switched off in the event of a fire alarm. Smoke detectors are installed to provide for automatic activation of the fire extinguishing system. Manual activation option from control panel located outside the data room is available. Audio/visual alarm alerts personnel in the event of a fire.

The system has been designed and installed according to Grant Thornton requirements by N2 Global partner – Securitas, world’s second largest security group.

According to Grant Thornton's managing partner Dainis Tunsts, customer data protection and information safety has always been the focus of the company. Thus, Grant Thornton has chosen state-of-the-art fire extinguishing system that not only eliminates possible business down-time and is most effective in terms of functionality, but ensures complete safety of protected software/hardware at a time of system activation as well.

Media contacts:
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