Recently received certification confirms N2 Global generators to be safe for all types of transportation

N2 Global Ltd. continues the certification process to certify that Clean Agent Fire Suppression technology is in compliance not only with production and product safety and quality criteria, but also eligible for numerous types of transportation. The company has received ADR documentation confirming that N2 Global generators are safe for shipping by land, maritime and air transport.

Land transport Classes of dangerous goods range from 1 to 9, starting with the most hazardous substances rated as ADR Class 1, down to the least dangerous goods rated as ADR Class 9. N2 Global Clean Agent Fire Suppression devices are classified as ADR Class 9, the lowest hazard class in ADR classification.

N2 Global and N2 Global Manufacturing provides its product for transportation in ADR certified packaging. There are no specific requirements for the transportation of N2G nitrogen generators by land. No specialized vehicles or ADR qualified personell is required to handle and/or transport N2G generators. 

Each entry in the different ADR Classes is denoted by a 4 digit UN number. N2 Global generators have been assigned the following number - UN 3268 - Safety devices, electrically initiated.

Maritime transport of ADR 9 goods means such goods, though the least hazardous, are still considered “Dangerous goods”, therefore a Multi-modal Dangerous Goods Form for each sea shipment of N2G nitrogen generators has to be duly completed and submitted to respective sea freight carrier 72 hours before the freight is shipped.


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