The KIWA certification cycle has been completed and all N2Global generators have received the certification for A, B, C types of fire

According to KIWA experts, all generators manufactured by N2Global Ltd. meet the highest standards and may be distributed for commercial purposes. Thereby, the entire product group (Type 0.5, Type 1.0, Type 1.5, Type 2.5, Type 5.0 and Type 10.5) has received KIWA certification.

"This has been very intensive and exciting process. We were able to go through the certification process for all of our generators in just over a year, which is very fast given that this is a new technology. It reflects extremely high levels of N2G worksmanship, dedication to goals set and an undisputable top quality of N2G product. The company made it a strategic goal to certify all types of generators in accordance with KIWA standards. This is a globally accepted and respected indicator that company's products are safe and the customer can be sure about the quality of the purchased equipment. We already feel that our potential customers and partners appreciate the fact that our generators have passed this certification and it is clear it will give us many competitive advantages while entering new markets,” explains Mikelis Lapse, CEO of N2Global.

N2Global generators are made to secure any enclosed space. Depending on room size and other specific requirements N2G generators come in six different volumes i.e. Type 0.5, Type 1.0, Type 1.5, Type 2.5, Type 5.0 and Type 10.5. N2G generators are a perfect fit for enclosed data rooms, electrical rooms, transformer cabinets, sea containers, engine rooms, power generators, marine applications, museum vaults and for aviation cargo compartments.

N2Global has also received CerTrust EU-type Examination certificates for gas generators, confirming that all types of N2Global generators to be of the highest technical design and production process standards. Concurrently N2GLOBAL LLC and N2GLOBAL MANUFACTURING LLC are certified by Bureau Veritas in accordance with standard ISO 9001:2015 and has been registered as Acceptable in SNAP list of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


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